Terms and Conditions of Use

Terms and Conditions

In addition to the terms below, you must agree to the car rental company terms and conditions, rules, regulations, and bookings/reservations, furnished when making a booking on this website.

Acceptance of Terms

Welcome to Car Rental Pro.com. Please read the following Terms of Use (the “Terms”) carefully. By using the Site and booking via any service directly or indirectly via any device, including offline, online, telephone, email, etc., other than to read these Terms for the first time, you agree that the Terms will govern your use of the Site. Car Rental Pro reserves the right to change these Terms from time to time. Please refer to this Site periodically for any changes.

Car Rental Booking 

The renter is responsible for the full payment of the car rental and all taxes, fees, and surcharges. Additional charges may also be applicable at the time of drop-off and any damage to the car. Make sure you read the car rental terms carefully when booking the car and picking up the vehicle.
Renters not meeting the age requirement will be declined a car and will be the cause to void the policy agreement.

It is a requirement to have available a valid driver's license and a valid credit card (or other preapproved payment methods) at the time of rental. If the driver's license is in another language other than English and the rental is in the United States, an International Driver's Permit may be required. Most rental companies require a Commercial Driver's License for renting a full-size van.

Additional taxes and service fees may be imposed by the car rental agency at the time of pick-up and or drop off. Please verify all fees and rental details with the car agency. Car rental reservations made on this Site are non-transferable; no name changes once booked.

Additional equipment, such as child safety seats, navigation systems, etc., must be requested in advance through the car rental suppliers’ website and are not guaranteed. We recommended you purchase the rental company car insurance. If you have an insurance that covers car rentals, make sure you read the coverage details carefully before declining the rental car company policy. You can be held responsible for any damage to the rental car not documented before driving the car off the rental lot. There can be an additional fee for any "One Way" rentals. This fee can be higher if picking up in one state and dropping off in another. Please double-check for any surcharges or fees if not returning the car to the rental location as booked.

A daily rate is a 24 hour reservation period, and a weekly rate indicates a 5-7 day reservation period. There are a few car rental companies have a minimum rental period of two days. You could be charged additional fees for cars returned at a different time or date or location from the original reservation. For example, holding the car for 27 hours could cost you a single daily rate, plus an hourly rate or half a day rate or a full day rate imposed by the supplier for the additional 3 hours.

Unlimited mileage rates have no restrictions on the number of miles you are allowed to drive. However, certain geographical restrictions may still apply. Miles per day rates specify a maximum number of miles that are allowed to accumulate throughout the rental. There will be a charge for additional miles per the rental agreement.

Drivers Must:

  1. meet age requirements;
  2. present a credit card in the driver's name
  3. present a valid driver's license.

Payment Taxes and Fees:

Car Rental Pro will charge $15.00 for cancellations or reservation changes before the pick-up date. No-shows are non-refundable for any reason.

Other Restrictions:

Most rental companies will not accept a debit card as a valid form of payment, resulting in being denied the rental. Residents of the rental location may have additional restrictions; we recommended checking with the car rental company to verify. Falsifying any information may void company liability, and you may be responsible for any damages or injuries that may incur.

Site Usage and Purchase

Access and usage of this website are subject to acceptance of the terms and conditions and any added terms and conditions rules and regulations our suppliers also require when booking.

Car Rental Pro does not act as principal but makes arrangements with third-party vendors. Car Rental Pro and any of its affiliates assumes no responsibility for and shall not be liable for any refund, personal injury, property damage, or other loss, accident, delay, inconvenience, or irregularity which may be caused by (1) any defaults, wrongful or negligent acts, or omissions of the Suppliers; (2) any defect in or failure of any vehicle, craft, equipment, or instrumentality owned, operated, or otherwise used or provided by the Suppliers; (3) any wrongful or negligent acts or omissions on the part of any other party not under Car Rental Pro and any of its affiliates control; and (4) any Supplier price drop after your travel arrangements have been confirmed, and paid in full. You hereby release Car Rental Pro and any of its affiliates from all claims arising from any problem covered in this paragraph.

Car Rental Pro, when providing travel services, does not guarantee or insure the services to be provided by any supplier, the financial position of such suppliers, or the reimbursement to you from any loss experienced due to the financial condition of such supplier. If a supplier defaults before providing the service after full payment, the sole recourse for refund shall be with the defaulting supplier or from insurance covering such defaults, if any, or from other responsible third parties unless Car Rental Pro caused. Car rental Pro shall not be liable for any cancellation, overbooking, delay, re-routing, strike, weather occurrence, or governmental occurrence as it affects your travel reservation made with Car Rental Pro. Car Rental Pro shall not be liable for the depiction of travel products and services made available by any supplier of travel products and services, including but not limited to photographs, listed amenities, ratings, and discounts. 

In those situations in which a supplier defaults before providing services, you may pursue any recourse against the supplier for refund, which may be permitted by law or statute. Car Rental Pro warrants that it allows for the highest standards of service in the trade and will use appropriate care in selecting suppliers but cannot accept any responsibility from such default.

Except as expressly stated herein, Car Rental Pro assumes no responsibility for actions relating to travel services beyond the control of Car Rental Pro or its employees. Car Rental Pro holds no responsibility or liability for any act, error, omission, injury, loss, accident, damage, delay, or non-performance, irregularity, or any consequence thereof, which may be occasioned through neglect, or default, or any other act or inaction of any supplier of Travel products. Car Rental Pro shall not be liable for any fluctuation in price or change in schedule or equipment or accommodations for any travel service, which occurs after payment for such use.

Car Rental Pro acts as a service bureau that provides value-added service to consumers. Car Rental Pro has no control over and assumes no liability for the actions of the suppliers from whom it obtains Travel products.

Car Rental Pro and the affiliates do not guarantee, endorse, validate, or promote other advertiser products and services advertised on this website.

Certain travel reservations may be wholly non-refundable, or there may have a penalty involved in cancellation or seeking a refund from the supplier of travel products and services. 

You warrant that you are at least 18 years of age and possess the legal authority to enter into this agreement and use the Site under all terms and conditions herein. You agree to be financially responsible for using the Site, including the use of your account by others. You are responsible for any bookings made by persons under your direction or control. You also warrant that all information supplied by you, or on your behalf, or by members of your household in using the Site is true and accurate. Without limitation, any exploratory, false, or fraudulent reservation or any reservation in anticipation of demand is prohibited. You agree that the travel services reservations facilities of the Site shall be used only to make legitimate reservations or purchases for you or for another person for whom you are legally authorized to act. You understand that overuse or abuse of the travel services reservation facilities of the Site may result in denied access to such facilities.

All offers, prices, and conditions of sale may be subject to:

  • change without notice
  • advance purchase, eligibility, or other limitations
  • Availability. Lower prices may be available but not available on the Site.

A reservation is not complete until paid in full if a prepaid booking and documents are issued. To protect our customers, we verify with the credit card company that the billing address and credit card verification number you provided is accurate and that your charge will be accepted. Until such information is verified, the price is subject to change. We are not responsible for any transaction that is declined based upon a credit/debit card denied by the issuing company or a travel provider. Or if, for any reason, we cannot verify the debit/credit card billing address and credit card verification number on time, nor are we responsible for any changes in rate or any other charges that may occur during our verification process. At times when the amount selected is rejected, an approval code may appear on your credit card. It may block the available credit for a short period dictated by the bank/credit card company until the bank/credit card company removes the block.


  • If there is an issue with the credit card, we will notify you within 24 hours; submitting the credit card does not automatically guarantee purchase.
  • Car Rental Pro bears no responsibility if our suppliers and Car Rental Pro do not charge your credit card. There can be several reasons for a credit card not charging, such as the car rental company not confirming the booking, or a rate increased since payment information was submitted, insufficient funds available, etc.
  • Car Rental Pro uses stringent safety measures for credit card payment processing. Car Rental Pro reports fraudulent transactions to the supplier, security, and other federal and state organizations. 
  • You agree to be liable for all credit card payments disputes or other problems such as fraud made to us or the supplier on behalf of you or any individual you represent. You agree to reimburse Car Rental Pro in cases of fraud or chargebacks.
  • Credit card transactions over the phone to our Customer Service Department are recorded and are available as evidence in case of any dispute or for the legal form of evidence.
  • Online credit card transactions are authorized when a user or anyone acting on their behalf accepts these terms and conditions.

Car Rental Pro is not responsible for any purchases not processed due to inaccurate and or incomplete verification of credit card information, delay, or due to other technical malfunction with our partner systems or our systems. If we are unable to contact you, we reserve the right to cancel your booking. We will send an email advising you of the cancellation, which will serve as the final notification. Please note, Car Rental Pro will not be responsible for any rate, tax, rate of exchange, or any other increases if you decide to rebook the itinerary.

Booking Confirmation

It is the responsibility of the renter and or the person when making the booking on our website or booking directly with a customer service agent to review everything. Confirm the driver name, dates, pick-up/drop-off location/s, supplier name/s are in accordance. For any discrepancy in your reservation, immediately contact a Car Rental Pro customer service agent not more than 2 hours from the booking confirmation. After two hours of completing the booking, we shall consider the booking made to be acceptable.


By approving this transaction, you are authorizing Car Rental Pro to send you communications in the form of email, postal mail, instant messaging, phone call, and any other form of electronic or paper communication. These communications will be primarily for customer service and marketing materials. Car Rental Pro may share your contact and booking information with the supplier for them, in the unlikelihood, to contact you for anything regarding to the booking made with them.

Description of Site and License

The Site provides information about Car Rental Pro’s products and services. The text, images, and other contents of the Site (collectively, the “Contents”) are protected by the copyright laws of the United States and other countries. Car Rental Pro grants you a license to view the Contents on the publicly accessible areas of the Site. This license does not include the right to screen scrape, reproduce, distribute, broadcast, modify, or otherwise commercially exploit any of the Contents, except that reproduction incidental to your use of the Site in accordance with these Terms is permitted. Car Rental Pro can terminate the license at any time with or without cause.

Modifications to Site

Car Rental Pro reserves the right at any time and from time to time to modify the Contents or discontinue providing access to the Site (or any part thereof), temporarily or permanently, with or without notice to you. You agree that Car Rental Pro will not be liable to you for any modification, suspension, or discontinuance of the Site or the Contents.

Termination of Your Access

You agree that Car Rental Pro, in its sole discretion, may terminate your access to or use of the Site, for any reason, including, without limitation, our belief that you have violated or acted inconsistently with the letter or spirit of these Terms. You agree that any termination of your access to the Site under any provision of these Terms may occur without prior notice to you. You also agree that Car Rental Pro will not be liable to you for any termination of your access to the Site.

You agree that you are solely responsible for obtaining and maintaining all equipment and services needed for your access to and using the Site and all charges related to it.

Restrictions on Your Use of the Site

Car Rental Pro will take action to prevent the misuse of the Site for any unlawful or objectionable purpose. Accordingly, you agree not to use the Site for any offensive or illegal purpose, including without limitation use of the Site to post, upload, or transmit any Content that is: (1) unlawful under the laws of any jurisdiction to which you or Car Rental Pro are subject; (2) harmful, threatening, harassing, defamatory, invasive of the privacy of another, or obscene (including without limitation any images or depictions of child abuse, child pornography, or minors engaged in sexual conduct or explicitly sexual situations); (3) insider information, or any other proprietary or confidential information; (4) an infringement of any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other intellectual property right; (5) falsified, including without limitation the use of forged headers or otherwise manipulated identifiers in order to disguise its origin; (6) containing or transmitting software viruses or any other malicious computer code, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer software; (7) to be used in any passenger rights claims actions; (8) an advertisement or solicitation for any products or services. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Car Rental Pro from any liability incurred due to your violation of these Terms.

Privacy Policy

Car Rental Pro describes its Privacy Policy on the website. Please consult it to learn Car Rental Pro’s current policies to protect the privacy of your information.

Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitation of Liability

YOU AGREE THAT THE SITE AND CONTENTS ARE PROVIDED TO YOU “AS IS” AND “AS AVAILABLE” WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, AND NON-INFRINGEMENT. Car Rental Pro does not warrant that the Site will be available at any given time, secure, or free of error. You use the Site at your own risk, and you assume the risk that any material downloaded by you from the Site may cause loss of data or damage to your computer system.



The Site may contain links to other sites whose terms of use and privacy policies will differ from ours. Car Rental Pro is not responsible for the contents, terms of use, or privacy policies of external sites.


You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Car Rental Pro, and its officers, directors, employees, agents, licensors, and suppliers from and against all losses, expenses, damages, and costs, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, resulting from any violation of these Terms, or any negligent or wrongful activity related to the use of the Site, by you or any other person accessing the Site using your account.


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Choice of Law & Forum Selection

You agree that any claims under these Terms will be subject to the laws of the State of Arizona, USA, and you hereby consent to jurisdiction and venue in the courts of the State of Arizona. These Terms will be construed according to the laws of the State of Arizona.

No Third-Party Beneficiaries

These Terms create no third-party rights or obligations between Car Rental Pro and any other person. It is understood and agreed that the parties do not intend that any third party be a beneficiary of these Terms.

Severability & Waiver

The invalidity of any term or provision of these Terms will not affect the validity of any other provision. A waiver by Car Rental Pro of strict performances of any provision of these Terms will not be a waiver of or prejudice Car Rental Pro’s right to require strict performance of the same provision in the future or any other provision of these Terms.

Entire Agreement

These Terms constitute the entire agreement between the parties, and there are no promises, terms, conditions, or obligations between the parties other than those contained in these Terms. Subject to Car Rental Pro’s right to modify these Terms, no modification of these Terms will be valid unless in writing and signed by both parties.